VMworld vCloud Air sessions on YouTube

VMworld vCloud Air Sessions

These have been made available back in September, but I wanted to share with everyone the two VMware VMworld vCloud Air sessions that have been posted on the internet.

While I am out in Macau in Asia presenting Tech Summit quite a few people have asked how they can view the VMworld sessions without a VMworld account.  VMworld publish the top 10 sessions of the day on YouTube, so if you couldn’t attend VMworld and don’t have an account, you can still watch the top 10 sessions.

VMworld vCloud Air sessions

The first one published is session HBC2068 – vCloud Air Networking Technical Deep Dive

This is presented by Ninad Desai (Networking Product Manager) and myself.

The Second Session is HBC1533 – How to build a Hybrid Cloud – Steps to extend your Data Center

This is presented by Chris Colotti (Principal Technical Marketing Architect) and myself

Eric Sloof has also compiled a great VMworld session playlist on YouTube which is really worth checking out. This covers lots of sessions from Software Defined Networking, through Hybrid Cloud, through to Hyper converged solutions.

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