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risc os raspberry pirisc os raspberry pirisc os raspberry pi

This page has been created to provide reference materials and links for the Acorn RISC OS related information. This is still a bit of a hobby of mine. For those people who haven’t heard of RISC OS then this wikipedia page will provide you with the basics on Acorn Computers, ARM Processors and the RISC Operating System.

My favourite link is for the RISC OS Raspberry PI download.  Download it here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/tag/risc-os

Website Links for RISC OS:
Theo’s RISC OS and Acorn pages
Acorn Computers Original Site
Acorn Support Site
The RISC OS BeagleBoard Port
RISC OS Star Commands

RISC OS Raspberry PI Links

PILearn – For everything about running RISCOS on the Raspberry PI
Raspberry PI manufacturers site
RISC OS Open website

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