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Your box is still initialising Sky+ HD

So my Sky+ HD Box has stopped working.  It was working fine, recording a program, then it just simply turned off and the TV receives no signal anymore. I tried all the obvious techniques.  Unplugged the box, disconnected all the cables, reconnected all the cables, plugged the box back in, nothing.  Same thing.  The power light and WIFI light come on as expected, but nothing appears on the TV. After googling the issue for a while, I discovered that it was the fact that my planner was full.  It was in the middle of a recording, and couldn’t delete anything, so simply hit 100% disk space and crashed.  Ok, so how do I get the box on to delete a program? First thing I tried is to do a software update.  This normally fixes 90% of the problems on a sky box and is really easy to do.  The steps […]

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living in california

Why I loved living in California

As I sit in a hotel reminiscing on my life in California I thought I would write down the reasons about why I loved living in California.  I am doing this for two reasons really, one it might help me move on from what I classed as a very happy period in my life, and two it is a written reminder of the fun I had for when I get older and my ol’ mind isn’t what it once was. Ambitious Dream Let me begin by saying that living in California was my life’s ultimate dream.  Specifically it was living and working in Silicon Valley that was the dream.  I have been interested in computers and technology ever since I was a young boy (read this article about my early computer years).  I remember being 15 years old on a family holiday in France, talking to an American, who constantly […]

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VMware Partner Exchange 2015

Presenting at VMware Partner Exchange 2015

I am a bit late with this article, but nonetheless here it is 🙂 I will be presenting at VMware’s annual partner conference Partner Exchange.  I have four sessions that I will be presenting this year. You can sign up for the schedule builder at PEX here. I am extremely pleased to announce I will also be presenting alongside @Veeam’s Rick Vanover covering a session on how partners can leverage vCloud Air and Veeam to offer a new line of revenue to customers. VMware Partner Exchange 2015 Full session list: Session Title Session Number Abstract Date and Time Speakers VTSP-Hybrid vCloud Air HBC4174 Pre Conference Boot Camp – In this Bootcamp, you will further your vCloud Air expertise by helping you gain a better understanding of the vCloud Air core components and service options. With detailed information covering the various features, service on-boarding & deployment, migration of workloads, as well […]

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Watch England World Cup Games USA TV Channels

Watch England World Cup games USA TV Channels

Are you English and living in the USA?  Wondering which TV Channel you can watch the three lions during the group stages?  You have come to the right place.  Below you will find the dates, times (PST) and channel the England games are on. Watch England World Cup Games USA TV Channels Date Time Competitor Channel Saturday 14th 3PM Pacific6PM Eastern England v Italy ESPN Thursday 19th 12PM Pacific3PM Eastern Uruguay v England ESPN 2 Tuesday 24th 9AM Pacific12PM Eastern Costa Rica v England ESPN 2 When the group stages are complete, I will post the channels for England in the group matches.

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BASIC 50 years old

BASIC 50 Years Old

Celebrating 50 years of BASIC! Celebrating 50 years of BASIC! BASIC  50 years old?  Wow!  Lets say that again, BASIC 50 years old!  I cant quite actually believe it. For anyone of my generation, who works in IT, they pretty much will have used BASIC at some point, either at school, or at work.  I loved it, even at the age of 8 years old, I wrote my first BASIC program called Hello Daddy on my Dad’s Tandy 1000.  I bet he doesn’t remember. For people of my sister-in-laws age BASIC was a simple powerful programming language.  BASIC stands for Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code and you can read more over at wikipedia. It was a simple program: 10 PRINT “HELLO DADDY” 20 GOTO 10 I still remember doing it today.  Shortly after that he banned me from his computer as I discovered the FORMAT C: command and promptly wiped out […]

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