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Bitnami and VMware vCloud Air

Bitnami recently launched an integrated portal allowing you to deploy any of the Bitnami server applications directly into vCloud Air with (nearly) one click.  Today I finally got around to playing with it and have found it extremely simple and easy to quickly deploy anything from Bitnami.  You can read the full article about what they built here. For those of you not familiar with what Bitnami does, have a look at the homepage: https://bitnami.com/ From Wikipedia: Bitnami is a library of installers or software packages for web applications and development stacks as well as virtual appliances. Bitnami is sponsored by Bitrock, a company founded in 2003 in Seville, Spain by Daniel Lopez Ridruejo.[1] Bitnami stacks are used for installing software on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Solaris.[2] Bitnami VMware vCloud Air Back in June, Roshni Pary and Mike Roy wrote a quick blog article on how to use […]

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nested esxi on vcloud air

Nested ESXi on vCloud Air – Links

So for quite some time now, lots of people keep asking me about running Nested ESXi on vCloud Air and is it possible. The answer to that question is YES, you can run Nested ESXi on vCloud Air today. George Kobar, who is a colleague of mine in Technical Marketing wrote a great blog article on how to run Nested ESXi on vCloud Air. This got me thinking about how many other people have been doing this? Is it as popular as I thought? Are people just asking the question, or are they actually doing it? I started doing some searches on the internet for blog articles from the community, and I found quite a few on this topic, which is why I am writing this article. I thought it would be good to list all the articles in one place to make it easy for people to find. I […]

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vCloud Air Technical Marketing is Hiring

vCloud Air Technical Marketing is Hiring

Looking for a new career? Are you someone who likes to teach technology to people? Do you get a buzz out of presenting to large crowds live on stage? Know about Cloud, Storage and Management? VMware’s vCloud Air technical marketing team might be looking for you. The team that I work in is currently looking to recruit two people to help create new content, assist customers with their use cases for cloud, and to talk to the virtualization community about cloud and how it can help drive customers business develop. Preferred candidates would be based on the west coast, or willing to relocate to Palo Alto. Job Description: The vCloud Air Platform team is looking for a Technical Marketing Manager (TMM) to support our growing user community. The candidate should have hands-on experience with virtualization (vSphere) or cloud (such as AWS, Azure, etc.) technologies and experience blogging or presenting about […]

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Veeam Podcast

Veeam podcast with Rick Vanover and David Hill

Yesterday I recorded a Veeam podcast with Rick Vanover.  It was a great honor to be asked by Rick to take part in one of his podcasts.  They are extremely popular with the virtualisation community and I want to thank Rick for inviting me on to talk. This podcast is episode number 103 in the series and is titled vCloud Air: Explain it to me. Rick writes a nice introduction: In this episode, Rick Vanover hosts David Hill. David works in Technical Marketing at VMware and is one of the best when it comes to VMware technologies and vCloud Air is what he is focusing on nowadays. Rick and David speak about what vCloud Air is at the high level, how it is priced and how some of the specific storage features like SSD-accelerated storage are used in vCloud Air. The cool thing about Rick’s podcasts is that they are […]

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vCloud Air ondemand early access program

Take part vCloud Air OnDemand early access program

Are you interested in taking part in the vCloud Air OnDemand early access program?  The vCloud Air product team is is now accepting candidates for the Early Access Program. The vCloud Air Early Access program offers: Free Service credits: Join the EAP now and receive up to $1000 in service credits 100% compatibility with your existing IT environment Create, resize, rename and delete data centers on the fly Instant access to compute resources – run vSphere workloads anywhere Per minute metering – Pay for only what you use Self service sign up – Service provisioned in minutes Follow this link to sign up for the Early Access Program: http://vcloud.vmware.com/uk/service-offering/virtual-private-cloud-ondemand You can watch this short video that explains what the Early Access Program is all about. This is a really cool offer to get access to the vCloud Air OnDemand offering, which will give people a great opportunity to test vCloud Air […]

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