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veeamon2019 recap

VeeamON 2019 Recap

Last week Veeam held its annual conference VeeamON in Miami at the FountainBlue Hotel! And what a venue it was.  This has to be the nicest venue I have attended a conference in. The event opened with the General Session with Ratmir Timashev announcing Veeam has become a $1billion software company!  What an achievement for a company started just over 10 years ago.  Ratmir talks about how sucesful Veeam has become and how that was Act 1.  Moving forward with Act 2, Veeam is focused on becoming the #1 Cloud Data Management Platform.  This is an important step in helping customers manage and secure data in a Multi Cloud World. After the General Session, later on in the day, Danny Allan kicked off the Technical Keynote.  Anthony Spiteri has written a nice recap blog on this session, check it out here. Anthony kindly broke down the key times in the […]

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cloud field day

Veeam is at Cloud Field Day 5

Next week is Cloud Field Day 5 and Veeam will be presenting.  This is an exciting time for Veeam as the cloud portfolio grows and the integration of the data management platform increases.  With the world going all in on cloud, Veeam will be present to showcase the growing integration points across the mega clouds while still maintaining the industry best practice of the 3-2-1 rule. I am personally looking forward to this event.  It will be my first Tech/Cloud Field Day I have presented at.  While Rickatron is a tech field day alumni its not something I have been involved with much over my career.  This is all about to change. Veeam at Tech Field Day Cloud 5 The full details of the event can be found above along with the list of delegates who will be attending.  The event will be live streamed.  Watch out next week for […]

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Automate adding your AWS EC2 instances to your backup policies

Disaster Recovery across regions in AWS

Last week I wrote an article on how Veeam Cloud Protection Manager can be used to protect your instances in AWS.  This week I want to look at how you can use Cloud Protection Manager for Disaster Recovery across regions in AWS. With Cloud Protection Manager, you also have the ability to replicate and failover your instances across regions in AWS.  Why would you do this?  Not only are you protecting your instances with managed backups in the same region, you can also provide business continuity in the event of a region failure within AWS.  With Cloud Protection Manager, you also have the ability to protect workloads across multiple AWS accounts to replicate across regions.  This makes it even harder for a “Codespaces” type disaster to ever happen again.  AWS gives great guidance on when to use multiple accounts for security boundaries. So how do we setup workloads in Cloud Protection […]

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