Veeam podcast with Rick Vanover and David Hill

Veeam Podcast

Yesterday I recorded a Veeam podcast with Rick Vanover.  It was a great honor to be asked by Rick to take part in one of his podcasts.  They are extremely popular with the virtualisation community and I want to thank Rick for inviting me on to talk.

This podcast is episode number 103 in the series and is titled vCloud Air: Explain it to me.

Rick writes a nice introduction:

In this episode, Rick Vanover hosts David Hill. David works in Technical Marketing at VMware and is one of the best when it comes to VMware technologies and vCloud Air is what he is focusing on nowadays. Rick and David speak about what vCloud Air is at the high level, how it is priced and how some of the specific storage features like SSD-accelerated storage are used in vCloud Air.

The cool thing about Rick’s podcasts is that they are relatively short.  This one is about 20 minutes long.  Easy to listen to on the commute, or while having a coffee at the office.

To listen to the full podcast follow this link:

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