Silicon Valley to Glasgow – April VMUGs I am presenting at

I’ve been invited to present at two VMUG’s in April which I am really looking forward too.

First up is the Silicon Valley VMUG.  I presented at this event last year and it was awesome.  Really great venue, and great vendors supporting the User Conference.  Its great to get the opportunity to be back in my adopted home and talk about Disaster Recovery in the cloud.

After I have finished my California trip I will be back in the sunny UK and presenting at the Scottish VMUG in Glasgow.  I will be talking about vCloud Air and giving an overview of the platform.  The last time I was in Glasgow was for a cup final when I was 18, and Aberdeen were playing.  (Its a long story).

Silicon Valley VMUG 14th April – Register for the VMUG by following this link and the full agenda is available here.

Scottish VMUG 30th April – Register for the VMUG here.

Look forward to seeing you there.

VMUG April


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