Hey, where has my Subscription Cloud gone?

I received an email today asking “Hey Dave, where has my Subscription Cloud gone?”.  I responded with Let me Google that for you… Actually I didn’t because I knew why they were asking.

As of yesterday 20th January, VMware announced its new vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud On-Demand offering. Read here all the details.

This has brought with it a completely new interface for logging into your VMware vCloud Air Subscription based clouds.  Its actually really straight forward to access all your subscription based clouds.

The first thing you notice is that vchs.vmware.com now redirects to vca.vmware.com, presenting you with a different login screen

Subscription Cloud

Lets login and see what we find.  In the old days, once we logged in, we would see a list of regions and our clouds underneath these regions.  However with the release of VPC On-Demand we have the ability to add different services to our clouds.  When we login now, we see a totally different window.

Subscription Cloud

To access all your subscription based clouds, simply click the My Subscriptions tile:

Subscription Cloud

Once you click the highlighted tile, you are presented with all your subscription Dedicated and Virtual Private Clouds:

subscription cloud



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