VMware launches Pay as you go Cloud Service

VMware officially launched the VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud On-Demand (or for short VPC On-Demand) yesterday 20th January.  This is a major milestone in VMware’s cloud offerings, and finally brings the agility to the cloud offering that enterprises and developers alike have been asking for.

The Pay as you go offering, allows anyone to simply sign up with a credit card and start consuming resources.  You only get charged for what you use, and is billed on a per minute basis.  Unlike the subscription cloud VMware offer, this allows you to simply spin up a VM when you need for a particular amount of time and then destroy it and only get charged for that period it was in use.  Perfect for those seasonal demands when you have ran out of capacity in your data center and need something quick.

The full announcement can be read on VMware’s blog site by clicking here.

My favourite part from the announcement is that every new customer gets $300/90 day service credit, as quoted below from the article:

It gets even better! Every new customer will receive a free $300/90 day service credit so you can start using your cloud immediately with no risk and no cost. Give you business instant access to a scalable pay-as-you-go public cloud that you can manage and secure with Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

VMware launches Pay as you go cloudYou can now go and try VMware’s cloud at no cost, and try out moving workloads between your on-premises data center and vCloud Air using vCloud Connector.

If you haven’t heard of vCloud Connector here is an excerpt from the product page:

VMware vCloud® Connector™ links your internal private cloud with public clouds, so you can manage them as a single hybrid environment and transfer workloads back and forth. – See more at: http://www.vmware.com/uk/products/vcloud-connector#sthash.MzTjqe01.dpuf

Give it a try click here to read about it.

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