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PernixData and the Cloud

PernixData and the Cloud

After spending some time with Frank Denneman (Chief Technologist for PernixData) I started thinking about how you could leverage their product FVP to help deliver solid reliable cloud services. First lets look at what PernixData FVP actually does.  The video below describes how FVP works.  I am not going into all the details about PernixData FVP that’s Frank’s job. Re-think Storage performance with PernixData FVP from PernixData on Vimeo. Sounds pretty cool right.  So how does this solution benefit the cloud?  Why would I bring this technology into my stack when I am a Service Provider offering IaaS? The Challenge One of the big challenges with cloud is storage performance. Most cloud infrastructures offer multi-tenant environments, which means that multiple customers run on the same hardware. They share that hardware, including the storage array. Yes all your workloads are logically isolated, but it is still shared hardware underneath. You are […]

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VMware launches Pay as you go cloud

VMware launches Pay as you go Cloud Service

VMware officially launched the VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud On-Demand (or for short VPC On-Demand) yesterday 20th January.  This is a major milestone in VMware’s cloud offerings, and finally brings the agility to the cloud offering that enterprises and developers alike have been asking for. The Pay as you go offering, allows anyone to simply sign up with a credit card and start consuming resources.  You only get charged for what you use, and is billed on a per minute basis.  Unlike the subscription cloud VMware offer, this allows you to simply spin up a VM when you need for a particular amount of time and then destroy it and only get charged for that period it was in use.  Perfect for those seasonal demands when you have ran out of capacity in your data center and need something quick. The full announcement can be read on VMware’s blog […]

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CyberDuck Google Cloud Storage

Using CyberDuck and Google Cloud Storage

I have been playing around with Google Cloud Storage today, and I wanted to access Google Cloud Storage by using CyberDuck. For those of you who don’t know about CyberDuck, it truly is an awesome open source storage client that can be used on Mac and Windows to access pretty much anything storage related.  Think FTP, S3, WebDAV etc.  You can download Cyberduck here. Now the interesting part was, when I tried to connect CyberDuck to Google Cloud Storage, I had no clue about what my Username or Password (Authorization Code) was. Now other cloud storage providers give you secure access keys to simply connect.  Google Cloud Storage is a little more complicated to find this information.  I actually think this is a good thing, as security is critical for storage. As you can see in the screenshot above, you need a Google Project ID and an Authorisation code to connect […]

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