Rename Edge Gateway in vCHS

As most of you know, I recently joined the vCHS BU as a Technical Marketing Architect. While playing with vCHS, I deployed my own Edge Gateway device, so I could have access to my VM’s from the internet. What happened? Well typically I got a call from Colotti telling me I hadn’t conformed to his naming conventions. (Typical if you know Colotti). Damn, I thought. I will have to redeploy the edge gateway now, and reconfigure all my firewall rules!

For anyone who works with vCloud Director, you will know that you can only rename edge gateways if you are a global admin. Being an Org Admin just isnt enough power. Within vCHS I am only an org admin, so no luck there. Damn again I thought. I really do have to re-deploy it!

Wait a minute… Whats this? A nice shiny rename Edge Gateway button within the vCHS UI! Woohoo I am saved…

So how do we do it?

How to Rename Edge Gateway

  1. Login to vCHS UI
  2. Click your Org VDC
  3. Click Gateways tab
    Rename Edge Gateway
  4. Click the Gateway you want to rename
  5. Click Edit Name & Description
    Rename Edge Gateway
  6. Change the name
    Rename Edge Gateway
  7. Click Save
  8. Voila!

    Rename Edge Gateway

Sounds relatively easy, and it is! Extremely simple.  This is a great little feature that will benefit lots of people.  Its the simple things in life as people say.

So whats the point of blogging it?

Partly because since I turned 30 (a while ago too) I forget pretty much every simple feature I find, and secondly I wanted to show people how simple things can be in vCHS.  Having worked with cloudy products and providers for a number of years now, I am extremely impressed with the ease and simplicity that the vCHS UI is providing.

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