General Availability of VMware vCloud Director 8.20

VMware vcloud director


The biggest release so far of VMware vCloud Director 8.20 is here.  VMware announced today on the VMware blog site the release of version 8.20 of vCloud Director.

This latest version is packed full of features and updates to help the ever growing vCloud Air Network Service Providers deploy enterprise grade public cloud offerings.

So whats key about this release?  Two important focus areas have been critical to this release being successful.  These are:

  • Full NSX Support – now allows NSX capabilities to be exposed and consumed in a multi-tenant, self-service fashion. Service providers have granular role-based access control (RBAC) over these capabilities, which enables them to carefully govern what their tenants can do.
  • Adopt a vCenter – “Adopt a vCenter” enables vCloud Director 8.20 to discover resource pools in existing vCenters and “adopt” them into the vCloud Director management plane, without interruption or downtime.

Service Providers deploying VMware vCloud Director is growing, and the planned roadmap for the product is really impressive!  Have a read of the full announcement over at VMware vCloud Blogs.


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