Change of focus

Most people who read my blog will have noticed the change of domain names.  I wrote a brief article on the change here

change of focus

Quite a few people on my travels over the past few weeks have asked why I changed?  What was my thinking?  Why the change of focus? Well, the main reason for changing domain names (I touched on it in the article announcing the change) was that I want to start writing articles that are just not virtualization focused.  Why you may ask?  Well for me, I find writing down my thoughts on topics that interest me very valuable.  It allows me to consider my options, and gives me a way of thinking while I write.  So for example, one of my other favourite topics outside of virtualization is cars.  I know a few people appreciated seeing my article about a Mercedes C32 AMG vs BMW E46 M3 appear on planet v12N.

I know this wont be to everyones liking or taste, but hey, its my blog 🙂

change of focus

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