VMware vCloud Air VMworld sessions available

VMware vCloud Air VMworld sessions

VMware vCloud Air VMworld sessions available

Now that VMworld has passed, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share the presentations that I gave.

VMworld was incredibily busy time again this year, and the interest in VMwares’ vCloud Air continues to grow. Throughtout my time presenting and attending VMworld, it is interesting to see how the cloud interest has grown over the past 7 years. People are no longer only interested in private clouds, they also want to leverage the public cloud to help ease the pressures on the current on-premises infrastructure. One of my sessions talked exactly about that, the journey to cloud, and how there is a lot of similarities between the virtualization journey and the cloud journey.

This session was my particular favourite to present this year. I was honoured to be asked to present the vCloud Air Spotlight session. You can watch the full live recording of this presentation here.

My other presentation was talking about VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery and taking a deeper look into the service. This session talks about the integration with your on-premises environment, and how we can also leverage the cloud for backups.

You can listen to the audio recording for this session here.

Finally, I also had the opportunity to present with my friend Rick Vanover, Veeam Director of Technical Product Marketing.  In this session, both Rick and I talked about how you can leverage the cloud to reduce your overall RTOs for business continuity.

You can listen to the audio recording for this session here.

Finally for those of you who couldn’t make VMworld US this year, you can watch all the VMworld breakout recordings by following this link: http://www.vmworld.com/en/sessions/2016.html and simply filling out a quick registration form.

Hopefully if you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the US VMworld, you will be able to make Barcelona.

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