vCloud Director appliance launched for evaluations

On Friday the VMware vCloud Director virtual appliance was launched. This appliance has been designed to enable you to evaluate and test vCloud Director. If you want to stand up a small PoC environment then this is the appliance for you.

Some key features of the appliance:

  • Auto generates certificates
  • Auto configures local database
  • Auto configure HTTP and console proxy NIC’s

This appliance really does make it easy for someone with no vCloud Director knowledge to simply stand up a small cloud.

This appliance is purely designed for evaluations, so if you are looking for something to deploy in production then this is not the appliance for you. You would not be able to attach vCenter Chargeback to this appliance for example, due to the configuration of the local database.

If used in conjunction with the vCenter appliance you could have a fully working within one hour of deploying the appliances.

Hope you enjoy.

Links to the appliance:

Download vCloud Director virtual appliance
VMware vCloud Director Evaluator’s Guide

To find out more information on vCloud Director there are some great articles listed on the following sites. Click the links to open pre-configured searches on these sites:

Chris Colotti
Timo Sugliani

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