Restart all services on ESXi through SSH

I had an issue on one of my ESXi hosts in my home lab this morning, where it seemed the host had become completely un-responsive. SSH was still working, so I restarted all the services on that host using the command listed below. This works on ESXi 4 and 5, but I don’t know if it is a supported method.

Note: This command stops all services on the host and restarts them.  There is no guarantee this will not affect VMs running on that host.

./sbin/ restart

You will then see the following output as all the services stop and restart

Running vmware-fdm stop
Stopping vmware-fdm:success

Running vslad stop
Stopping vslad...
Running svm-autostart stop
Running sfcbd-watchdog stop
Running usbarbitrator stop
watchdog-usbarbitrator: Terminating watchdog with PID 5625
usbarbitrator stopped.
Running vmware-vpxa stop
Stopping vmware-vpxa:success

Running wsman stop
Stopping openwsmand
Running slpd stop
Stopping slpd
Running vprobed stop
watchdog-vprobed: Terminating watchdog with PID 5414
vprobed stopped.
Running vobd stop
watchdog-vobd: Terminating watchdog with PID 5278
Vobd stopped.
Running storageRM stop
watchdog-storageRM: Terminating watchdog with PID 5256
storageRM module stopped.
Running sensord stop
sensord is not running.
Running lbtd stop
watchdog-net-lbt: Terminating watchdog with PID 5195
net-lbt stopped.
Running hostd stop
watchdog-hostd: Terminating watchdog with PID 5173
Running TSM-SSH stop
Stopping tech support mode ssh server
Running ntpd stop
Stopping ntpd
Running DCUI stop
Disabling DCUI logins
Running TSM stop
Hiding TSM login
Running TSM restart
Displaying TSM login: runlevel =
Running DCUI restart
Enabling DCUI login: runlevel =
Running ntpd restart
Starting ntpd
Running TSM-SSH restart
Starting tech support mode ssh server
Running hostd restart
Running lbtd restart
[419990] Begin 'hostd ++min=0,swap,group=hostd /etc/vmware/hostd/config.xml', min-uptime = 60, max-quick-failures = 1, max-total-failures = 1000000
net-lbt started.
Running sensord restart
sensord started.
Running storageRM restart
storageRM module started.
Running vobd restart
Vobd started.
Running vprobed restart
vprobed started.
Running slpd restart
Starting slpd
Running wsman restart
Starting openwsmand
Running vmware-vpxa restart
Starting vmware-vpxa:success

Running usbarbitrator restart
Rescanning all adapters..
[2011-11-23 09:52:43 'IdeScsiInterface' warning] Scanning of ide interfaces not supported
[2011-11-23 09:52:43 'IdeScsiInterface' warning] Scanning of ide interfaces not supported
usbarbitrator started.
Running sfcbd-watchdog restart
Running svm-autostart restart
Running vslad restart
Checking vslad status...
Starting vslad...
Running vmware-fdm restart
Starting vmware-fdm:success

I had actually forgotten this command, so a quick google reminded me of it.

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  1. Alex August 28, 2012 at 9:59 am #

    I have had also same problem with my ESX in own homelab. As well as have been question for VCP5 exam.
    Thanks for your posts!

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