My first VMworld 2011 – A speaker’s recap – Day 2

This post is continued from my first article which covered Day 1 and can be found by clicking here

So day 2 begins. I woke up feeling extremely exhausted from my first day at VMworld. I had arranged to meet Chris Colotti, Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman for breakfast. Unfortunately twitter was not responding too well so Duncan and Frank never got my message on the location. Twitter #FAIL. They eventually found us though…

After breakfast it was time for Steve Herrod (@herrod) key note speech.  Steve Herrod’s key note was awesome.  Covering all the different products, and what VMware had in store for the future.  There were some cool live demo’s of VMware’s new capabilities, and this I thoroughly enjoyed.

After the keynote it was time for Chris Colotti (@ccolotti) and I to get ready to present our first session “CIM1264 – Private vCloud Architecture Technical Deep Dive”.  We had 645 people signed up for the session, so the room was pretty big.  There are some great photos of some of the rooms we presented in, which can be found by clicking here. The session went really well.  We began by covering the business requirements for a private cloud including why Chargeback is important.  Moving on to cover the actual architecture of not only a Private vCloud but the vCloud Director application itself, then diving into the networking and allocation models, with Chris talking about some great “real life” customer use cases.  We then held a 15 minute Q&A and were asked some really interesting questions.  The Q&A part of this session is my favourite.  I met some really cool technical people at the end of the session, and would like to mention you all, but there were just to many of you.

It was now time for lunch, a chance to reflect with Chris on how the session went.  We got some great feedback on the session surveys so thanks to everyone who responded.  It is always great to find out what people think of your sessions.  After reading some of the feedback, Chris and I decided to tweak the session a little for the next day, so off we went to the Speaker Resource Centre again to quickly modify a couple of slides.

Now comes the highlight of my day, the session “VSP1956 – ESXi Quiz”.  This I personally thought was brilliant.  It was light hearted, the quiz panellists were funny and John Troyer (@jtroyer) did a great job at hosting and presenting this quiz show.  There were a few technical glitches with the Electronic Scoreboard and not for the first time in a session there were Audio problems, but on the whole I found this highly entertaining and very very funny.

It was now time to head on over to the Solutions Exchange for the nights activities.  Again I was with my partners in crime for the week Duncan, Frank and Chris.  We spent some time in the solutions exchange talking with vendors which was really cool.  I was still impressed by the amount of cool technology the vendors have developed using the vCloud API’s.

We decided to head on over to the Veeam Party at the vBar.  There was a queue backing up halfway down the corridor into the conference center.  Finally we got into the party, and it was really good fun.  A big thank you to Megan Mescher (@MMesch) and Rick Vanover (@RickVanover) from Veeam, this was a cool party.

It was getting late and I think if I had stayed up much longer my legs would have actually fell off they were in so much pain from standing all day and night.  It was time to rest, before another day began.

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