HowTo: Configure PXE Manager for Stateless ESXi deployments

This is the second of two part articles on Max Daneri’s PXE Manager.  The first article can be found by clicking here. In this article I will explain how to configure PXE Manager to boot stateless ESXi hosts.  This is a very simple process, but saves lots of time and effort when deploying hosts that have no local storage.

Step1: Login to vCenter and open the PXE Manager plug-in

Step2: Accept the certificate warning if prompted

Step3: Select Repository and Stateless build

Step4: Right click and select Add Build

Step5: Select the build zip file containing the ESXi build

Note: This is not an .ISO.  This is the file that contains all the latest build and patches. This can be downloaded from

Step6: Once the file is located click Next

The files are extracted from the Zip file

Step7: Confirm the details are correct and click next

Step8: Name the build and click Next

Step9: Add a OEM.TGZ to customise the ESXi build if required.

Step10: Verify the files and click Finish.  The build has now been uploaded.

Step11: Select Stateless hosts from the tab

Step12: Right click and select Add Host

Step13: Enter a hostname and root password for the new host and click Next

Step14: Select the build version from the list and click Next

Step15: Select the VMtools version if any have been uploaded and click Next

Step16: Select the PXE Agent and click Next

Step17: Enter the MAC address of the first and second NICs and enter an IP Address for the host and click Next

Step18: Select the vCenter folder to join

Step19: Select a host profile to use if any are configured and click Next

Step20: Check the tickbox if you want to enable ESXi Lockdown Mode

Step21: Confirm the NFS settings and click Next

Step22: Enter the DNS and Syslog details and click Finish

You will now see a new host listed under Stateless builds

Power on the host, and you will see a menu option with a timeout prompting to boot the Stateless host

Timo Sugliani has produced a nice video which demonstrates how to create and boot a stateless host. Watch the video by clicking here.

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  1. danilo April 5, 2012 at 4:44 pm #


    have you tried with 5.0?

    i’ve got message miss esxi build…..cannot understand why!


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