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Running nested ESXi on HP ML115 G5 - EVC Mode Gotcha

Running nested ESXi on HP ML115 G5 – EVC Mode Gotcha

So for a couple of days I have been re-building my lab. This has been overdue for a longtime and I finally had some time to get it done.  The main purpose of re-building my lab is to make sure it follows the base reference architecture for vCloud as documented in the VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit.  Now you may notice the list of kit that I have in my lab below and wonder how I could do this with only two physical hosts.  The simple answer is nested ESXi. The hardware in my lab consists of 1 HP ML115 G5 (AMD Opteron 1354 and 8GB RAM) 1 HP Microserver (AMD Athlon II Neo N36L and 8GB RAM) William Lam has wrote an excellent article on how to run nested ESXi within vSphere 5.0.  This explains how to enable the hidden Guest OS settings.  To read this article click here. So […]

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Extra Cyber Monday deal from Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman

Straight from Duncan Epping’s blog site: As multiple people asked for it, Frank and I decided to also put the 4.1 HA/DRS Deepdive on sale. Just wanted to inform you guys about it. Here are the links: vSphere 4.1 HA/DRS Deepdive – £4.59 Once again, please note that Amazon might charge extra if you are ordering/downloading the book from remote. We cannot control that unfortunately. Never the less, this is the bargain of the year for sure when it comes to VMware books. No book out their with such an insane price/page/quality ratio!

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Modifying VMware View 5.0 HTTPS port

Yesterday I installed VMware View into my home lab and configured everything successfully. What I discovered was that my router could not do was any Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) so I could not redirect the external IP port 444 to the internal server IP port of 443. I run a web server on port 443 so could not use this external port for View Connection Server. So how do I change the IP Port on the View Connection Server itself? After googling some scenarios I found a link to this page on myvirtualcloud.net. This is an excellent article, however it only covers View 4.0.x. In View 5.0 there is no locked.properties file in View 5.0, only config.properties and settings.properties. The article above recommends changing the entry “serverPort=xx” in locked.properties however there is no entry for this in either of these files. Hmmmm what to do… In the example below […]

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VMware vSphere 4.1 Update 2 released

Just noticed that vSphere 4.1 Update 2 was released yesterday. Excerpt from the release notes: Whats New Support for new processors – ESXi 4.1 Update 2 supports AMD Opteron 6200 series (Interlagos) and AMD Opteron 4200 series (Valencia). Support for additional guest operating system – ESX 4.1 Update 2 adds support for Ubuntu 11.10 guest operating system. For a complete list of guest operating systems supported with this release. To read the full release notes click here

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vCloud Ecosystem components explained

vCloud Ecosystem components explained

During VMworld Chris Colotti and I presented quite a few group discussions on VMware vCloud.  During these discussions some people were amazed to find out how many components/products are involved in making up the vCloud environment.  When planning on building a VMware vCloud, you are not just installing vCloud Director and pointing it to vSphere, you are designing/building a whole Ecosystem. The list below shows which components are used in building a full vCloud environment.  They are listed in order of priority. vSphere ESXi vCenter vCloud Director vShield Manager vCenter Chargeback Vcenter Update Manager vCenter Orchestrator vCloud Service Manager vCloud Connector So why are these components important?  When designing a vCloud environment, you need to take into consideration the availability of certain components, like vCenter for example.  This is no longer a management tool that is used to manage your virtual infrastructure.  This is a critical component of your vCloud […]

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