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Error 1063 vSphere Web Client

I have recently been upgrading all our lab to vSphere 6.0 and have come across an interesting error everytime I login to the vSphere Web Client. Error 1063 vSphere Web Client The error is “An internal error has occured – Error #1063”. I actually migrated my previous version of vCenter 5.5 to vCenter 6.0 using the inbuilt upgrade.  This actually deploys a new vCenter Server Appliance with version 6.0 and migrates all the information from the previous appliance, including all the plugins. I would receive this error everytime I tried to click the Actions menu on any object.  Didn’t matter whether it was a host or a VM, this error always popped up.  Clicking yes never solved it, I couldn’t do anything. Then I started thinking about the upgrade.  I wonder if a plugin that was installed on the previous 5.5 version had been migrated across and was causing a […]

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upgrading vcenter appliance 5.5 to 6.0

Upgrading vCenter Appliance 5.5 to 6.0 – Migration failed error

Today working in our vCloud Air Technical Marketing Lab I was upgrading the vCenter Server Appliance from version 5.5 to 6.0 and I came across an interesting issue.  Totally by my own creation, but interesting none the less. First of all, I want to thank @anthonyspiteri for his excellent article showing the steps on how to upgrade your vCenter Server Appliance.  Read it here The major difference with this upgrade is that you don’t just update the exisiting vCenter Appliance like in previous versions.  The upgrade wizard actually deploys a whole new appliance and migrates all the data from the previous version.  Its pretty cool and when you configure it correctly, works very well. Upgrading vCenter Appliance 5.5 to 6.0 The error I experienced was about half way through the migration, when it failed with the error “Migration Failed”.  It also failed to download the support bundle logs too. Turns […]

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Cannot update the dynamic configuration policy error vCenter Appliance

Working in my lab today, I was having some issues with deploying virtual machines within vCloud Director. I remember a while ago that Chris Colotti had written an article about the importance of NTP with vCloud Director.  I thought I had better syncronize the vCNSM (formally vShield Manager), vCenter Appliance, and vCloud Director. Setting NTP on a vCD cell and vCNS Manager is a very simple task, but how do you do it on the vCenter Appliance?  There is no option through the configuration UI.  A quick google showed me this page within the vSphere 5.1 documentation center. Procedure Log into the vCenter Server Appliance as root. From a command line, enter the following commands to configure and start an NTP client. yast2 ntp-client add server=your_chosen_time_server yast2 ntp-client enable Enter the following command to request immediate synchronization with the time server. sntp -P no -r your_chosen_time_server However following this guide, […]

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Auto Deploy GUI fling

Auto Deploy GUI fling

Back in February Max Daneri released his Auto Deploy GUI fling.  This builds on the success of his PXE Manager fling released last year.  Lots of other blogs have already reported this fling, but I have been asked three times this week where they can download it from.  I will be writing a blog post soon on how to actually use this fling, much the same way I did with Max’s PXE Manager. Auto Deploy GUI is a front end interface to the Auto Deploy/Stateless infrastructure. Features The Auto Deploy GUI is a vSphere plug-in for the VMware vSphere Auto Deploy component. The GUI plug-in allows a user to easily manage the setup and deployment requirements in a stateless environment managed by Auto Deploy. Some of the features provided through the GUI include the ability to add/remove Depots, list/create/modify Image Profiles, list VIB details, create/modify rules to map hosts to […]

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