My “Chinwag” with Mike Laverick

So last week before PEX I had a chinwag with Mike Laverick. This was the first time I had done one of these, but found it thoroughly enjoyable.

Mike had a few questions he wanted to ask me, but it wasn’t regimented, and found ourselves off tack quite a few times.

Q1. What for you are the stand-out aspects of vCloud Director?

Q2. Perhaps you can begin with a quick description of a Provider vDC…. Now Provider vDC can contain more than one HA/DRS cluster – what’s the logic behind where the VM gets placed?

Q3. Do you think the changes behind the Provider vDC might ultimately lead to changes in design or best practises. For many a HA/DRS cluster represents a desecrate amount of compute/storage/networking – you could almost call it a virtual silo. Do you see that changing…?

Q4. Can I ask what are you working on currently – what’s keeping you awake at night with thoughts on vCloud Director… or is your mind else where! 😉

The full chinwag/VMwarewag and blog article can be read and watched by clicking here.

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