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TechEd 2014 recap

Microsoft TechEd 2014 recap

Right time for my whole Microsoft TechEd 2014 Recap. Where to start? There can be only one place to start! VMware Virtual SAN was the winner of best Virtualization at TechEd! Lets say that again, VMware Virtual SAN won best of Microsoft TechEd.  Brilliant!   TechEd 2014 Recap Right, thats enough boasting and gloating!  Although VSAN is an awesome product, its not what I was at TechEd for. First of I have written two articles reviewing the first two days, unfortunately I was unable to write on the third day, due to other commitments, but you can read Day 1 here, and Day 2 here.  Lets pick up where I left the second article, and quickly review the sessions I attended on day 3 and day 4.  Unlike the previous articles, I won’t write a review of the key points.  All the sessions are recorded and available online, and I will […]

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Microsoft TechEd Review

Microsoft TechEd Review – Day 2

Here we are on Day 2 on the Microsoft TechEd Review.  Its going quickly.  The days are long, but the learning never stops.  You can read my Day 1 initial review here. The first session of the day: Migrating effortlessly from VMware to Hyper-V (it wasn’t very effortless for sure) Now I don’t like to criticise people for presenting, standing up in front of people is one of the hardest things in the world, so this is not a criticism of the presenters.  However, the demo they tried to show did not work.  It failed on a simple part, and it really didn’t look that effortless to me.  However, how long has virtualisation been around, and this product is only just coming out?  Wow!  VMware convertor has been around since for ever.  This tool only allows you to move your VM’s offline.  The other part of this session was how […]

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AWS Summit Review

AWS Summit Review by a VMware guy – Part 2

Yesterday I attended the AWS Summit in San Francisco.  I wrote part 1 of my AWS Summit Review series yesterday, and this can be read by clicking here. That article focused on the feel of the conference and gave some details on the keynote. What I want to talk around in Part 2 is the technical sessions I attended, and what I felt about those. Lets start with Session 1: Introduction to AWS I selected this session, as I hardly know anything about AWS EC2.  I created an account in November and deployed a few things but never used it in anger. An interesting area I thought were that they provide different types of service that are optimised for the workload: Compute-Optimized General Purporse Micro INstances Memory Optimized Storage Optimized GPU Instances They are updating the hardware revisions, and have multiple hardware revisions, for example, compute1 (c1) cluster compute 1 […]

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