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change of focus

Change of focus

Most people who read my blog will have noticed the change of domain names.  I wrote a brief article on the change here Quite a few people on my travels over the past few weeks have asked why I changed?  What was my thinking?  Why the change of focus? Well, the main reason for changing domain names (I touched on it in the article announcing the change) was that I want to start writing articles that are just not virtualization focused.  Why you may ask?  Well for me, I find writing down my thoughts on topics that interest me very valuable.  It allows me to consider my options, and gives me a way of thinking while I write.  So for example, one of my other favourite topics outside of virtualization is cars.  I know a few people appreciated seeing my article about a Mercedes C32 AMG vs BMW E46 M3 […]

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Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 23.30.14

Rebranded and renamed

Hello from and goodbye I have decided to rebrand and rename my blog site to better reflect me and what I write about.  Not everything I write about is virtualisation and felt that beginning 2014 it was time to finally move over. As you may notice, not everything is working as expected.  Some of the plugins are crashing the site, and have had to be disabled.  Fancybox (the image popup) is having some issues for example. Please bear with me while I resolve the issues and get everything working. Once everything is completed and fully working, I will be writing a lessons learned post for anyone else considering undertaking a domain name change.  

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E46 M3 vs C32 AMG

BMW E46 M3 vs C32 AMG Mercedes

BMW E46 M3 vs C32 AMG Mercedes, Lets start this by pointing out this is not a virtualization post.  Its about my other favourite and passionate topic, CARS.  I have been wondering about which is best, and which one would I buy, an E46 M3 or a C32 AMG.  This post is mainly for me to understand the differences between the two cars, and hopefully get some responses from owner of both, or either. Lets start off this thought process, I have owned three BMW’s and one Mercedes in my lifetime so far.  All of the BMW’s I have loved, (330 CI Clubsport, 325D M Sport Tourer, X3 SE), but my experience with the Mercedes was not good (a C220CDI Avantgarde).  I think the experience of the Merc was more about me than the car.  Nothing went wrong, but I went from a BMW 330CI Clubsport with 240+BHP to an […]

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Architecting the Enterprise

Architecting the Enterprise

::::::::::: UPDATE ::::::::::: After writing this article, and exchanging a number of emails with Architecting the Enterprise, they have refunded the fee’s that were charged so I am no longer out of pocket. This is a nice outcome, and I appreciate the customer service that they have now provided. I will happily consider booking a course with them again ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I don’t normally write articles discussing companies and the policies they have, (thats more Colotti’s area of expertise), however I feel very strongly about this and wanted to share my bad experience with people so that they don’t fall into the same trap. Architecting the Enterprise – Beware I have wanted to complete the TOGAF certification for quite some time, and finally got the opportunity to do this in June through VMware’s Professional Development program. Basically you pay for the course yourself and once completed VMware reimburse you. Nice. After some […]

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Florida Disney Villa

Florida Disney Villa 15% discount for 2013

If you want to stay in our Florida Disney Villa for a 15% discount in 2013, you have come to the right place. This is a rather unusual post for my site, and nothing virtualization related. I am offering a 15% discount on the remaining days to stay at our Florida villa.  For anyone wanting to stay on the dates that are showing available on the calendar below, I will offer a 15% discount. This is a rare opportunity and a special offer to anyone who visits my site. Florida Disney Villa   (more…)

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