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PowerCLI 5.0.1 Released with vCloud Director Automation

A couple of days ago PowerCLI 5.0.1 was released.  I am quite excited about this release, it contains Powershell Cmdlets for managing VMware vCloud Director. You can now use the following cmdlets in conjunction with vCloud Director Name Synopsis Connect-CIServer Connects to the specified servers. Disconnect-CIServer Disconnects from the specified cloud servers. Get-Catalog Retrieves the specified cloud catalogs. Get-CIRole Retrieves roles in the cloud. Get-CIUser Gets cloud users. Get-CIVApp Retrieves virtual appliances in the cloud. Get-CIVAppTemplate Retrieves virtual appliance templates. Get-CIView Returns cloud views by Id. Get-CIVM Retrieves the virtual machines on the cloud. Get-ExternalNetwork Retrieves cloud external networks. Get-Media Retrieves cloud medias. Get-Org Gets cloud organizations. Get-OrgNetwork Retrieves cloud organization networks. Get-OrgVdc Retrieves organization VDCs. Get-ProviderVdc Retrieves the specified cloud provider VDCs. Import-CIVApp Imports a virtual machine from vSphere to a cloud. Import-CIVAppTemplate Imports a virtual machine or an OVF package from a vSphere server to the vCloud as […]

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PowerCLI for vCloud Director – Have your say !

PowerCLI for vCloud Director–Have your say ! VMware have recently announced a survey on the PowerCLI site, this has been setup to poll people for what they think would be the best way to introduce cmdlets for vCloud Director, personally I think it’s a great move and proves that VMware really does listen to their customers opinions. Their questions not only ask how you would like the vCloud cmdlets distributed but also if you would prefer common objects like VMs and Users to be new cmdlets based towards vCloud director or to add these as additional parameters to the existing cmdlets. Personally when answering these questions I have to remind myself of a few things and ask myself a few questions: vCloud Org users or tenants are going to be interested in different things than a vSphere admin, for example, does a tenant care about the details of the datastore […]

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vCloud Ecosystem components explained

vCloud Ecosystem components explained

During VMworld Chris Colotti and I presented quite a few group discussions on VMware vCloud.  During these discussions some people were amazed to find out how many components/products are involved in making up the vCloud environment.  When planning on building a VMware vCloud, you are not just installing vCloud Director and pointing it to vSphere, you are designing/building a whole Ecosystem. The list below shows which components are used in building a full vCloud environment.  They are listed in order of priority. vSphere ESXi vCenter vCloud Director vShield Manager vCenter Chargeback Vcenter Update Manager vCenter Orchestrator vCloud Service Manager vCloud Connector So why are these components important?  When designing a vCloud environment, you need to take into consideration the availability of certain components, like vCenter for example.  This is no longer a management tool that is used to manage your virtual infrastructure.  This is a critical component of your vCloud […]

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