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VMware vCloud Director 101 - Overview - Part 1

VMware vCloud Director 101 – Overview – Part 1

Quite a few people have been asking me to write this article for a while. vCloud Director has been around a while now, but it appears that it is only now gathering momentum and it is being looked at seriously. This multi-part article will cover all the basic concepts of vCloud Director and what the different terminology means. First of all, lets talk about what VMware vCloud Directors actual purpose is: A quote from the VMware vCloud Director page on explains: Manage resources more efficiently by logically pooling infrastructure capacity into policy-based virtual datacenters.  VMware vCloud Director integrates with existing VMware vSphere deployments and extends capabilities like Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and vNetwork Distributed Switch, to provide elastic compute, storage and networking interfaces across multiple clusters. Using virtual datacenters built on top of vSphere, VMware vCloud Director enable resources to be provisioned without the need for repeated configuration or significant maintenance. The […]

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VMware vCloud Availability Logical Architecture

VMware vCloud Availability – Looking for more information

Recently I have been receiving a number of requests from Service Providers looking for more information on VMware vCloud Availability.  This is a short list of reference materials that will help direct people. VMware vCloud Availability Documentation  VMware vCloud Availability FAQ Q. What is VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director? A. VMware vCloud® Availability for vCloud Director® enables vCloud AirTM Network service providers to o er simple, cost-e ective cloud-based disaster recovery and migration services that seamlessly support their customers’ vSphere® environments. This solution is designed expressly for VMware service providers to be easy to operate and to integrate with their existing VMware cloud environments. Only service providers in the vCloud Air Network can purchase this solution from VMware; Enterprise customers must consume this o ering from a vCloud Air Network service provider who is o ering this service from their cloud. VMware vCloud Availability Homepage  VMware vCloud Availability Documentation […]

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vCloud Director training

vCloud Director training – Backup Academy

Yesterday a vCloud Director training video I produced for Veeam’s Backup Academy was released.  It covers VMware vCloud Director and how it fits together.  This training presentation is based upon my vCloud Director 101 series of articles (found here). Veeam have a number of useful training presentations and videos on the Backup Academy site, and I highly recommend visiting to find further education material.  If you haven’t heard of Backup Academy before, this is how Rick Vanover explains it: Backup Academy’s goal is to help you become a virtual machine backup expert, so you can better meet the challenges of this changing environment. Backup Academy’s educational content is brought to you by renowned virtualization industry experts. I hope you enjoy this presentation and find it useful. Lastly I would like to thank Rick Vanover from Veeam for giving me the opportunity to produce this presentation.  Thanks Rick.

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