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Codespaces status

Codespaces is a reminder to us all, not just cloud consumers

How tragic, Codespaces.com is no longer a viable business.  This is tragic, and a massive shame.  It does serve as a critical reminder that security of our services and data is essential.  It is the most important piece of running any IT service. Personally, I find it very sad that we live in a world where this kind of thing can happen.  The note on codespaces.com website made me feel extremely sad and angry, but its the world we live in.  As an ex-business owner, this was always my biggest worry.  Someone trying to hold me or my business hostage, just for money.  Most people run businesses (especially small or medium businesses) for the passion of what they are doing, and money is a by-product of that passion.  To see this on the screen is extremely sad: However, it does prove to us all that security is key.  When I […]

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