How to re-install TweetDeck on Mac

I never realised how much I rely on Tweetdeck until today when all my columns became corrupted and I could no longer receive tweets through it.  I tried the usual delete the app etc, but this did not work, every time I re-installed, when it loaded it had the same problems!  This was so frustrating.  I even tried removing Adobe AIR with no success!

In the end I managed to resolve the issue, by following the steps listed below.

  1. Delete from your application folder
  2. Delete any file or folder named TweetDeck under “home/Library/Preferences/TweetDeck”
  3. Re-install TweetDeck

Quite easy really, but took me a while to find the TweetDeck preferences files.  Please bear in mind that removing these files will delete any of your searches or saved columns.  Not a big deal for me, but I know other people have hundreds….

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