VMworld 2014 Must See Cloud sessions

VMworld 2014 must see cloud sessions

As we get ever closer to VMworld, the usual Must See session lists are coming out in the blogosphere.  I don’t want to replicate the work that those people have already done, so I would recommend reading Duncan Epping’s list over at Yellow-Bricks.  Its the most interesting list I have seen so far.  Read it here.

I already published my session list a while back, so if you want to see what I am presenting specifically please click here.  I wont be plugging my own sessions here, you can decide if you want to attend them.

So whats the purpose of this article then?  Well, as most people know now, I am working in the cloud services business unit at VMware.  I wanted to highlight some cool sessions that if your interested in what you can do with clouds, are worth attending.  These sessions really show the value and the technological power you can get by leveraging a cloud infrastructure.

  1. HBC1871 – Managing Hybrid Cloud Your WayMarc Umeno and Roshni Pary – Get to hear from the product manager and product marketing manager about how you can automate, integrate and manage your clouds with VMware and Third Party Tools!  This is going to be a great session
  2. HBC1917 – Build your first mobile application…In the Cloud… In 60 minutesJay Marshall – Jay is an awesome developer guy, who I have been working with over the past 9 months.  This guy has done it all in developer land… If you are looking at building mobile apps in the cloud you need to come listen to Jay!
  3. HBC2577 – Hybrid Sandboxing – Create the Ultimate On and Off Presmises Test/Dev FactoryJay Marshall and Roshni Pary – If you are exploring the opportunity to leverage cloud for dev/test then this is session for you!  Next Gen-apps, sandboxes, infrastructure development, its all in here.
  4. HBC2066 – Architect the Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Exchange and LyncJoseph Lore and Sunyo Suhaimi with guest speaker David Hill – This session is all about architecting the hybrid cloud for hosting Exchange.  By leveraging existing infrastructure investment you can utilise the benefits of hybrid cloud for Exchange deployments.  I will be making an appearance in this session.
  5. HBC3284 – How I learned to stop worrying and love the public cloud Mathew Lodge and Massimo Re Ferre – Everyone knows Massimo and Mathew! This session needs no introduction, the title says it all

This years VMworld for me is going to be crazy, EPIC but crazy.  I have 7 sessions in total I will be presenting, so no doubt you will see my running around trying to get to different sessions (probably with a piece of cake hanging out of my mouth).

See you all at VMworld 2014!

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