VMworld 2014 – See you there

VMworld 2014

Wow!  Its that time again already!  The VMworld 2014 content catalog has just been released.  Its going to be a busy one for me this year for sure!

I am extremely looking forward to VMworld 2014, this will be my first VMworld in my new role as vCloud Hybrid Service Technical Marketing!  This year I get to talk about lots of cool cloud features, and what you can do with vCloud Hybrid Service!  I cant wait.

I do not have my schedule yet, but I have four sessions accepted.  I hope you find these interesting, and come along.

Session Number Session Title Abstract
HBC2066 Architect the Hybrid Cloud for Exchange Email Services Enterprises globally are enthusiastically embracing hybrid cloud as both a way of reducing costs and improving the quality of service IT provides to its end customers. To achieve this, enterprises are looking to VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to help them deploy Microsoft Exchange in a hybrid cloud model. A participant in this session will leave with a deep technical understanding of how to leverage the hybrid cloud to gain benefits of geographic diversity and agile scaling for growth, while continuing to use the tools they have already invested in. This session is based on the case study of VMware’s internal IT organization deploying Microsoft Exchange in a hybrid cloud model
HBC2068 vCloud Hybrid Service Networking Technical Deep Dive This session provides a deep dive into advanced networking and security constructs. This session goes beyond the basic networking and security service features to demonstrate how VMware can help deploy complex applications in a cloud environment. Attendees will learn how easy it is to extend the data center networking and security constructs to the VMware cloud. Be it multi DMZ networks, complex networks, load balancing, DHCP services, IP address scheme or the like, see how VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service is ideally suited for extending on-premise networking and security constructs to the cloud.
HBC1533 How to Build a Hybrid Cloud – Steps to Extend Your Datacenter This session will help attendees understand the various steps to build and extended datacenter to vCloud Hybrid Service. Generally, speaking customers find it easier to view the vCHS cloud as just another datacenter. However instead of being physical it is all software defined and available on demand. We will leverage examples and use cases from current customers, as well as, review a specific setup the vCHS Technical Marketing team has built in a “Customer” Lab. We will also explore the networking specifics, considerations, and other options to truly build a hybrid cloud.
HBC1534 Recovery as a Service (RaaS) with vCloud Hybrid Service

Since the release of vCloud Hybrid Service to support infrastructure as a service, there has also been two key additions that support one of the most popular use cases, known as Recover as a Service. In this session we will discuss Disaster Recovery to Cloud 1.0 and Data Protection 2.0, both of which support various recovery use cases. The session will show how this use case of cloud based recovery can be achieved through these two services for different use cases. We will explore the use cases for both in depth and provide examples of the service’s ease of use through live demonstrations of both products within a real environment.


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  1. Quiero February 21, 2016 at 3:26 am #

    I’d agree with that. VMWare have a solution that will work acosrs their hosted desktops, their ACE environment and, when its released, their client side hypervisor. So technically, they could argue that Persona Management covers the range of devices you speak of.However, Persona Management isn’t user environment management . Virtual Profiles speeds up profile load times and reduces corruption so will be a good base offering but it doesn’t offer the user setting management, the logon optimisation, and profile migration options available that products, like Environment Manager deliver. Pinpoint and Discover are great solutions especially in the small-mid size organisation environment. I’m left feeling that VMWare might not have thought through what they should be doing with these new services tbh naming it persona management’ makes it stand apart from user environment management’ which is really the key to managing successful desktop environment.


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