VMworld 2013 – My schedule and sessions

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I can now confirm that Aidan Dalgleish and Kamau Wanguhu will be presenting VSVC7371 – Architecting a Software-Defined-Data Center alongside me.  This is awesome news and I am really excited about this.  Two of the smartest architects I know, and also really easy to present with.


Its been a crazy couple of weeks getting prepared for VMworld 2013. I have had a session added, found out one of my sessions has been added to Barcelona, and received my booth duty schedule for US. Things are in top gear and motoring along nicely.

VMworld 2013

I have two sessions listed for VMworld San Francisco.

PHC4750 – How to build a Hybrid Cloud in Less than Day Wednesday 11:00 am David Hill and Chris Colotti
VSVC7371 – Architecting a Software-Defined-Data Center Monday 2:00pm David Hill, Kamau Wanguhu, Aidan Dalgleish

I am still working on some of the final details for session VSVC7371, but I am really looking forward to my third VMworld.  I will be helping lots of people out in presentations too, so watch out for me lurking in the back with a Microphone ready to catch you with a question.

See you all at VMworld.

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