iland Cloud launches new portal

Hot on the heals of my recent article about iland Cloud (A look inside iland Cloud), they have just launched a new portal for the cloud platform they offer to their customers.

iland Cloud recently announced this new portal on their blog.

iland’s new portal brings unmatched clarity to companies struggling with cloud

Portal sets new standard in cloud transparency to minimize the unpredictable cost, performance and compliance issues that plague companies today

iland’s new portal comes as part of its Enterprise Cloud Services, and empowers companies.

You can read the full press announcement here.

So what actually is the difference from my previous posts.  The first thing you notice is that the side bar gives you quick and easy access to all the areas you need control over.

iland cloud

You can go directly to Networking, Catalogs, Continuity, Security and billing immediately by clicking an icon.

You also get direct access to your virtual data centers, simply by expanding the data center location.

iland cloud

iland cloud

iland Cloud has produced a nice video overview which walks you through all the key new features of this portal update.  I would recommend having a look.

The Security area is certainly on the key differentiation of this cloud service.  You can easily drill down into any area of compliance to see what is happening in the IaaS environment.
iland cloudThe final piece of this portal is the billing system.  It accurately reflects all the systems and services you are consuming, allowing you to drill down precisely into where the money is going.

iland cloudiland cloud iland cloud

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