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Raspberry Pi running VMware View client

This is pretty cool. Looking through the internet at stuff I can do with my Raspberry Pi (apart from running RISC OS natively) I was interested to see if anyone had begun running a VMware View client on it. The Raspberry PI costs £25 so makes a perfect Thin Client. The video below shows the Pi running the View client nicely. All credits go to the author (not sure of his name) you can visit his blogsite here. He needs help working on thin clients for the Raspberry Pi if anyone has some free time. Further information on the Raspberry Pi can be found here:

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Download link for VMware View Client

People keep asking on a regular basis, where can we download the View Client. This is the currently latest version available (at time of writing). Follow this link to the download http://downloads.vmware.com/d/details/view_460_clients_en/ZEB3YnRkcEBiZCpqag== This link will take you to the View 4.6 download page, which includes the current supported MAC version http://downloads.vmware.com/d/details/view_500_clients_en/dCV0YnQqJWhidGVkdA== This link will take you to the View 5.0 download page.

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Modifying VMware View 5.0 HTTPS port

Yesterday I installed VMware View into my home lab and configured everything successfully. What I discovered was that my router could not do was any Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) so I could not redirect the external IP port 444 to the internal server IP port of 443. I run a web server on port 443 so could not use this external port for View Connection Server. So how do I change the IP Port on the View Connection Server itself? After googling some scenarios I found a link to this page on myvirtualcloud.net. This is an excellent article, however it only covers View 4.0.x. In View 5.0 there is no locked.properties file in View 5.0, only config.properties and settings.properties. The article above recommends changing the entry “serverPort=xx” in locked.properties however there is no entry for this in either of these files. Hmmmm what to do… In the example below […]

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