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CyberDuck Google Cloud Storage

Using CyberDuck and Google Cloud Storage

I have been playing around with Google Cloud Storage today, and I wanted to access Google Cloud Storage by using CyberDuck. For those of you who don’t know about CyberDuck, it truly is an awesome open source storage client that can be used on Mac and Windows to access pretty much anything storage related.  Think FTP, S3, WebDAV etc.  You can download Cyberduck here. Now the interesting part was, when I tried to connect CyberDuck to Google Cloud Storage, I had no clue about what my Username or Password (Authorization Code) was. Now other cloud storage providers give you secure access keys to simply connect.  Google Cloud Storage is a little more complicated to find this information.  I actually think this is a good thing, as security is critical for storage. As you can see in the screenshot above, you need a Google Project ID and an Authorisation code to connect […]

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Cloud Storage Tiers

Leverage multiple Cloud Storage Tiers

Over the past few months I have been working on a number of projects within the vCloud Hybrid Service. One of these projects has been working with Storage Tiers in the cloud.  Recently vCloud Hybrid Service launched new tier of storage Standard Storage.  Offering multiple storage tiers is a critical part of  delivering cloud services to consumers who needed different levels of service. Multiple Cloud Storage Tiers I wanted to link to a couple of articles over on the VMware vCloud blog that I think are important to read and understand when considering how to architect your cloud workloads. VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Standard Storage Tier Mix and Match Storage Tiers The two articles above really demonstrate the power of how you can architect your workloads to leverage different cost models, based on your requirements for performance vs cost, and how simple it is to implement these deployments into Infrastructure […]

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vCloud Hybrid Service

vCloud Hybrid Service launches two new offerings

Yesterday vCloud Hybrid Service launched two new offerings and released them into the public cloud.  This is of personal interest to me as I was the Tech Marketing lead for these two new releases.  For me, being part of the team that is launching these offerings, and the rapid speed of delivery and growth within VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service gives me great pleasure, and pride.  Anyway, lets get on with the technical stuff. Standard Storage Tier First up is storage tiering.  vCHS now offers two types of storage tier.  SSD Accelerated and Standard.  SSD-Accelerated is exactly that, an SSD-Accelerated tier, that uses SSD Caching to increase the performance.  Standard storage is slightly different, it is just plain old spindle based storage without any SSD Acceleration, resulting in a lower performance.  As The Register puts it “Plain old spinning rust”.  For me, its an important part of cloud, offering multiple types of […]

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