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Configure Screen Rotation RaspberryPI

I have been playing with my Raspberry PI quite a lot lately, but one annoyance is that with some of the Operating Systems you can run on it, you cant change the screen rotation.  I use my Raspberry PI on a Dell Monitor that I have rotated 90 degrees.  Most of the time this monitor is used for producing documents on it, hence the rotation, but its a nice monitor with lots of inputs, so its great to use with the Raspberry PI.  Unfortunatly the OS I run (RISC OS 5) doesn’t support screen rotation natively.  However the Raspberry PI output can be rotated quite easily by simply telling the GPU to rotate the output.  You do this by editing one of the files in the root of the SD Card, config.txt. Depending on which Operating System your running on your Raspberry PI will depend on how simple or complex […]

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RISC OS RC7 for Raspberry PI released

RISC OS Raspberry PI Great news, the latest Release Candiate for RISC OS on the Raspberry PI was released on the 13th March.  There is quite a few bug fixes in this RC, which is good news for us PI users. For more information on the RC from the RISC OS Open site click here You can download the pre-packaged SD image from Raspberry PI download page This is a summary of the bug fixes with this RC: BCMVideo Multiple screen banks are now supported, up to the limits imposed by the GPU. Interrupts are now enabled while waiting for messages to be passed to the VideoCore, which improves general interrupt latency of the system greatly. The default monitor definition includes a 640 × 500 mode for Teletext emulation. DOSFS Enhanced to mount FAT32 formatted DOS discs (or image files) up to 4G-1 in size. FileCore Extend upper permissable file size to 4GB-1 […]

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raspberry pi vmware view

Raspberry Pi running VMware View client

This is pretty cool. Looking through the internet at stuff I can do with my Raspberry Pi (apart from running RISC OS natively) I was interested to see if anyone had begun running a VMware View client on it. The Raspberry PI costs £25 so makes a perfect Thin Client. The video below shows the Pi running the View client nicely. All credits go to the author (not sure of his name) you can visit his blogsite here. He needs help working on thin clients for the Raspberry Pi if anyone has some free time. Further information on the Raspberry Pi can be found here:

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