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Automate adding your AWS EC2 instances to your backup policies

Disaster Recovery across regions in AWS

Last week I wrote an article on how Veeam Cloud Protection Manager can be used to protect your instances in AWS.  This week I want to look at how you can use Cloud Protection Manager for Disaster Recovery across regions in AWS. With Cloud Protection Manager, you also have the ability to replicate and failover your instances across regions in AWS.  Why would you do this?  Not only are you protecting your instances with managed backups in the same region, you can also provide business continuity in the event of a region failure within AWS.  With Cloud Protection Manager, you also have the ability to protect workloads across multiple AWS accounts to replicate across regions.  This makes it even harder for a “Codespaces” type disaster to ever happen again.  AWS gives great guidance on when to use multiple accounts for security boundaries. So how do we setup workloads in Cloud Protection […]

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Automate adding your AWS EC2 instances to your backup policies

Business Continuity in AWS with Cloud Protection Manager

In January Veeam acquired N2WS Software, which provide cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions.  One of the products N2WS has is Cloud Protection Manager.  This product allows anyone using AWS to easily schedule automated backups and disaster recovery snapshots and have them distributed across availability zones and regions. Cloud Protection Manager supports the following targets: EC2 Instances Volumes RDS Databases Aurora Clusters Redshift Clusters DynamoDB Tables Cloud Protection Manager is deployed easily through an AMI in the AWS Marketplace.  You can read the installation instructions here So what does Cloud Protection Manager do that you can’t already do in AWS? Cloud Protection Manager provides the ability to have a Simple UI to manage all snapshots and recovery.  Using Cloud Protection Manager you can easily configure policies and schedules and set up Disaster Recovery replication. An example is creating a backup policy.  Once you have defined your backup schedules (think daily/weekly/monthly […]

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Start of a new journey

Today I am announcing that I have left VMware after 8 years at a great company. I don’t want to start one of those this is my life story blogs, as I typically find them a bit awkward and I am not interested in trying to create any drama about my own personal choices. What I do want to say is thanks to a few people.  During my time at VMware I have made some amazing and incredible friends.  I have worked with some of the most outstanding individuals this industry has ever seen.  Four of those people have been instrumental in helping my career and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.   Chris Colotti Duncan Epping Jenny Fong Mathew Lodge So, where am I going?  Well I have decided to join Veeam and will be working in the Product Strategy group with Rick Vanover, Anthony Spiteri, […]

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