PowerCLI 5.0.1 Released with vCloud Director Automation

A couple of days ago PowerCLI 5.0.1 was released.  I am quite excited about this release, it contains Powershell Cmdlets for managing VMware vCloud Director.

You can now use the following cmdlets in conjunction with vCloud Director

Name Synopsis
Connect-CIServer Connects to the specified servers.
Disconnect-CIServer Disconnects from the specified cloud servers.
Get-Catalog Retrieves the specified cloud catalogs.
Get-CIRole Retrieves roles in the cloud.
Get-CIUser Gets cloud users.
Get-CIVApp Retrieves virtual appliances in the cloud.
Get-CIVAppTemplate Retrieves virtual appliance templates.
Get-CIView Returns cloud views by Id.
Get-CIVM Retrieves the virtual machines on the cloud.
Get-ExternalNetwork Retrieves cloud external networks.
Get-Media Retrieves cloud medias.
Get-Org Gets cloud organizations.
Get-OrgNetwork Retrieves cloud organization networks.
Get-OrgVdc Retrieves organization VDCs.
Get-ProviderVdc Retrieves the specified cloud provider VDCs.
Import-CIVApp Imports a virtual machine from vSphere to a cloud.
Import-CIVAppTemplate Imports a virtual machine or an OVF package from a vSphere server to the vCloud as a virtual appliance template.
Search-Cloud Searches the cloud for objects of the specified type.

To download PowerCLI 5.0.1 click here

Further information can be found by clicking here or visit virtu-al.net

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