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VMware vCloud Availability Architecture

vTechTalk: VMware vSAN Service Provider Use Cases

For Service Providers who are looking to lower the costs of launching new services like VMware vCloud Availability, exploring the use cases with VMware vSAN is essential. This vTechTalk gives an overview of how VMware vSAN can help a Service Provider drive down costs and build new services quickly. For further information go to

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iland cloud

iland Cloud launches new portal

Hot on the heals of my recent article about iland Cloud (A look inside iland Cloud), they have just launched a new portal for the cloud platform they offer to their customers. iland Cloud recently announced this new portal on their blog. iland’s new portal brings unmatched clarity to companies struggling with cloud Portal sets new standard in cloud transparency to minimize the unpredictable cost, performance and compliance issues that plague companies today iland’s new portal comes as part of its Enterprise Cloud Services, and empowers companies. You can read the full press announcement here. So what actually is the difference from my previous posts.  The first thing you notice is that the side bar gives you quick and easy access to all the areas you need control over. You can go directly to Networking, Catalogs, Continuity, Security and billing immediately by clicking an icon. You also get direct access […]

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VMware vcloud director

General Availability of VMware vCloud Director 8.20

Woohoo! The biggest release so far of VMware vCloud Director 8.20 is here.  VMware announced today on the VMware blog site the release of version 8.20 of vCloud Director. This latest version is packed full of features and updates to help the ever growing vCloud Air Network Service Providers deploy enterprise grade public cloud offerings. So whats key about this release?  Two important focus areas have been critical to this release being successful.  These are: Full NSX Support – now allows NSX capabilities to be exposed and consumed in a multi-tenant, self-service fashion. Service providers have granular role-based access control (RBAC) over these capabilities, which enables them to carefully govern what their tenants can do. Adopt a vCenter – “Adopt a vCenter” enables vCloud Director 8.20 to discover resource pools in existing vCenters and “adopt” them into the vCloud Director management plane, without interruption or downtime. Service Providers deploying VMware vCloud Director […]

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iland cloud

A look inside iland Cloud

In my new role working in the Cloud Service Provider Business Unit at VMware, I get the opportunity to meet with a number of service providers.  Recently I had the pleasure of spending time with iland Cloud (  iland are a leader in Infrastructure as a Service and they have built a pretty nice offering.  In this article I want to give an inside view of the iland Cloud and what capabilities they have. iland Cloud Lets start by taking a look at what capabilities they provide. iland focus on three core use cases.  This allows iland to be laser focused on their customer needs, by providing services focused on only a small number of use cases, they can dive down into these capabilities.  This ultimately provides a higher level of service capability, due to not being focused on multiple service offerings and spreading themselves too thinly. Disaster Recovery is […]

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