vCloud Air Reference Architecture released


Recently one of the projects I have been leading is to create reference architectures for vCloud Air.

Lots of people have been asking me what the reference architectures actually cover, and what is the purpose of these.

Firstly, I have produced a quick over video talking about a specific reference architecture “Data Center Extension”.  In this video I walk through at a high level what you can expect to achieve by reading and leveraging this reference architecture.

These reference architectures are expected to be used to supplement the VMware Validated Designs for the Software Defined Data Center.  By leveraging this reference architecture you will be able to achieve a true hybrid cloud deployment as shown below:

vcloud air reference architecture

What can you expect from the vCloud Air Reference Architecture? Well here is a quick snippet from the overview section:

This document describes, in general terms, what is required to extend an on-premises data center into a public cloud, forming a hybrid cloud. This reference architecture applies these principles to produce a basic architecture for extending a data center managed with VMware vSphere® virtualization technology to a vCloud® Air™ cloud.

This reference architecture assumes that the on-premises implementation is configured as described in the “Foundation VMware Validated Design™.” The bulk of this document focuses on the services that enable data center extension, connectivity between the SDDC and VMware vCloud Air, and design considerations affecting virtual machines (VMs) and virtual data centers (vDCs) and in the hybrid cloud.

The scenarios in this data center extension architecture are based on successful customer implementations designed and implemented by VMware employees.

For more on VMware Validated Designs, visit

If you are interested in investigating how to extend your data center to the cloud, I would recommend visiting

You can also watch some more vTechTalk videos on Youtube here:


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