Partner Exchange 2012 Catalog released

The Partner Exchange 2012 Catalog has been released. Click Here to view the full content listing.

I have listed details around the sessions I will be presenting at PEX 2012 with my colleagues.

Session 1269: Upgrading the vCloud Solution Stack in an End to End Environment
Abstract: Although there are many individual guides on upgrading the different components on a vCloud deployment, none take into account the overall process. This session is intended to outline the entire process in a four phase approach. This process was devleopmed in house at VMware and already used at other customers successfully. Although the process was developed around moving from 1.0 to 1.5, the process as outlined can be used for other major upgrades that will be coming from VMware.

Presenters: Chris Colotti and David Hill

Session 1359: Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure
Abstract: This session will discuss the various design considerations when architecting the foundation for every solid cloud environment: vSphere 5.0. We will start with sizing and scaling and end with some operational guidance. Different examples will be used to show the impact design considerations can have on the availability of your services.

Presenters: Duncan Epping and David Hill

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting at PEX in 2011, so I am looking forward to presenting there again in 2012.

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  1. Dina May 26, 2012 at 10:50 pm #

    Great Article!Do you think there will be a follow up on WAN & MAN VCD Deployments? Right now we know that it’s best to Silo each VCD into it’s own seaaprte cloud for each location when on a WAN link where the delay is greater than 20ms.We are looking for good solution to have a Multi Site VCD deployment that will involve load balancers and SRM for failover. But we have found that the architecture behind VCD is still not mature enough to go beyond a MAN architecture for a highly available multi VCD WAN solution. The insights from PEX 2012 have not given us much hope to getting this accomplished in the near future.Any insight from your expertise would be much appreciated.

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