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VMware VMworld vCloud Air must see sessions

VMware VMworld vCloud Air must see sessions

Its coming!  VMworld Barcelona is coming soon.  So soon in fact it actually starts on Sunday.  Wow, I can hardly believe it.  Still feels like VMworld USA was last week. This will be my last VMworld Barcelona working in the vCloud Air public cloud business unit, before I transition over to my new role in the Cloud Service Provider BU.  You can read about that in a seperate post. VMware vCloud Air has some awesome sessions this year and I would actively encourage all of you to see these sessions if you can get in. The highlighted sessions are based on vCloud Air’s core use case focus of Data Center Extension, Replacement and Disaster Recovery.  These sessions range from 200 level through to 400 level advanced techincal. VMware VMworld vCloud Air must see sessions These are not the only vCloud Air sessions available for you to attend at VMworld, but […]

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VMware VMworld vCloud Air must see sessions

vCloud Air Reference Architecture released

  Recently one of the projects I have been leading is to create reference architectures for vCloud Air. Lots of people have been asking me what the reference architectures actually cover, and what is the purpose of these. Firstly, I have produced a quick over video talking about a specific reference architecture “Data Center Extension”.  In this video I walk through at a high level what you can expect to achieve by reading and leveraging this reference architecture. These reference architectures are expected to be used to supplement the VMware Validated Designs for the Software Defined Data Center.  By leveraging this reference architecture you will be able to achieve a true hybrid cloud deployment as shown below: What can you expect from the vCloud Air Reference Architecture? Well here is a quick snippet from the overview section: This document describes, in general terms, what is required to extend an on-premises […]

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bitnami vmware

Bitnami and VMware vCloud Air

Bitnami recently launched an integrated portal allowing you to deploy any of the Bitnami server applications directly into vCloud Air with (nearly) one click.  Today I finally got around to playing with it and have found it extremely simple and easy to quickly deploy anything from Bitnami.  You can read the full article about what they built here. For those of you not familiar with what Bitnami does, have a look at the homepage: From Wikipedia: Bitnami is a library of installers or software packages for web applications and development stacks as well as virtual appliances. Bitnami is sponsored by Bitrock, a company founded in 2003 in Seville, Spain by Daniel Lopez Ridruejo.[1] Bitnami stacks are used for installing software on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Solaris.[2] Bitnami VMware vCloud Air Back in June, Roshni Pary and Mike Roy wrote a quick blog article on how to use […]

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vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery related articles

For around a year I have been working on the VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery offering, and have been giving a number of presentations, and writing articles about this topic. At a recent internal conference a number of people asked me if I could provide a list of all the recent articles I have written. Rather than keep sending emails with links, I thought it would make more sense to provide a list of links here so that I can refer back when needed. It may also help a few other people out in the blogosphere. In no particular order I have grouped these articles in two categories. 1st category is vSphere based Disaster Recovery, and the 2nd is Application based high availability. vSphere based Disaster Recovery Consideratons for Connecting to your recovered workloads While most of the talk around cloud-based disaster recovery is on how you protect your workloads, […]

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nested esxi on vcloud air

Nested ESXi on vCloud Air – Links

So for quite some time now, lots of people keep asking me about running Nested ESXi on vCloud Air and is it possible. The answer to that question is YES, you can run Nested ESXi on vCloud Air today. George Kobar, who is a colleague of mine in Technical Marketing wrote a great blog article on how to run Nested ESXi on vCloud Air. This got me thinking about how many other people have been doing this? Is it as popular as I thought? Are people just asking the question, or are they actually doing it? I started doing some searches on the internet for blog articles from the community, and I found quite a few on this topic, which is why I am writing this article. I thought it would be good to list all the articles in one place to make it easy for people to find. I […]

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