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wordpress change domain names

WordPress change domain names

Well I thought it was time to change domain names hosting my blog WordPress site. Hello from davidhill.co and goodbye virtual-blog.com So why did I make this decision?  I certainly haven’t taken it lightly.  Moving Domain Names is challenging and requires a lot of thought and pre-planning.  However, I wanted to have a blog site that was more relevant to me personally, rather than just purely virtualisation.  My old domain name just didn’t fully reflect the content anymore.  I was able to purchase davidhill.co when they released the .co domains with the intention of switching.  Now I have finally bitten the bullet and gone ahead with the migration. WordPress Change Domain Names So what steps did I take? Well first off, I bought the domain name (yeah duh!!) Secondly I spent a number of hours researching what I had to do to manage my SEO. This is a really good […]

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Rebranded and renamed

Hello from davidhill.co and goodbye virtual-blog.com I have decided to rebrand and rename my blog site to better reflect me and what I write about.  Not everything I write about is virtualisation and felt that beginning 2014 it was time to finally move over. As you may notice, not everything is working as expected.  Some of the plugins are crashing the site, and have had to be disabled.  Fancybox (the image popup) is having some issues for example. Please bear with me while I resolve the issues and get everything working. Once everything is completed and fully working, I will be writing a lessons learned post for anyone else considering undertaking a domain name change.  

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