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VMware vCloud Air Microsoft Exchange

VMware vCloud Air Microsoft Exchange and SRM

Over the past few months I have been working on a number of scenarios for VMware vCloud Air and deploying Microsoft Exchange in a Hybrid Cloud design. I have written a couple of blog articles about the subject too. VMware vCloud Air Microsoft Exchange The first one was about how you would deploy Microsoft Exchange in a hybrid cloud and at a high level how you would do this. Read the article here. The second article, I wrote for VMware blogs, which discusses the business reasons behind why you would actually want too, and this article can be read here. At a high level these are: • Growth – Speed – Agility – Expansion – Fluidity • Leverage Existing Infrastructure – Backups – Archiving • Disaster Recovery – Build a highly resilient messaging solution • Operational efficiency – SLAs from cloud In the first article, I talk about why you […]

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host microsoft exchange cloud

Host Microsoft Exchange in a hybrid cloud

After a crazy few days at PEX, and lots of conversations with people, one of the questions that kept coming up was how can I design and host Microsoft Exchange Cloud in a hybrid cloud model. Great Question!! This is a great use case for the hybrid cloud.  One of the easiest answers is You could split up your exchange design however you see fit.  Client Access Servers could be hosted on vCHS providing the public facing part of Exchange, with the backend Mailbox servers on Premise perhaps, or split across multiple clouds for DR? Anyone who knows exchange, will be thinking now of all the different possibilities you could have. In my opinion Exchange is the best product to come from Microsoft.  They have advanced it tremendously with every release, and with Exchange 2013 you have all the built in Disaster Recovery and Disaster Avoidance features that really make […]

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Partner Exchange Registration – Early bird discount

Partner Exchange is coming along soon, February 13th – February 16th. Registration is open and VMware are offering an early bird discount if you sign up before 16th December. For further information or to visit the Partner Exchange site, click here For those who don’t know what Partner Exchange is all about, I have included the summary off the web page. VMware Partner Exchange is dedicated to educating and enabling you to sell and deploy VMware products and solutions successfully. – Gain insights to identify customer needs effectively – Explore best practices to acquire new customers – Find out how to expand business by cross-selling VMware solutions and services – Network with other partners, VMware experts and executives – Walk away with go-to-market selling strategies that enable you to accelerate your business You’ll learn of VMware’s plans for the coming year, learn about new partner programs, explore best practices and […]

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