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vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery related articles

For around a year I have been working on the VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery offering, and have been giving a number of presentations, and writing articles about this topic. At a recent internal conference a number of people asked me if I could provide a list of all the recent articles I have written. Rather than keep sending emails with links, I thought it would make more sense to provide a list of links here so that I can refer back when needed. It may also help a few other people out in the blogosphere. In no particular order I have grouped these articles in two categories. 1st category is vSphere based Disaster Recovery, and the 2nd is Application based high availability. vSphere based Disaster Recovery Consideratons for Connecting to your recovered workloads While most of the talk around cloud-based disaster recovery is on how you protect your workloads, […]

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advanced architecture design for cloud-based disaster recovery

Advanced Architecture Design for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Working over in vCloud Air Tech Marketing, I have been focusing a lot on Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery.  Recently I wrote a solution brief (Colotti started it, however I finished it) covering the advanced architecture required to implement a full Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery solution. This solution brief walks people through considerations around Authentication and DNS, leveraging data seeding for replication, and how to failback to your on-premises environment. Here is a sneak preview of some of the content from the Advanced Architecture Design for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution Brief: Conclusions Assuring continuity of applications and data through enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery practices is a prerequisite for any full-scale enterprise hybrid architecture using VMware vCloud Air or any cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution. The examples reviewed here extend the vCloud Air use cases to include Disaster Recovery in the cloud, with Clear, simplified setup and migration processes Multiple options to support the DR environment with […]

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