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VMware vCloud Director 8.0 Beta

VMware has just opened up an open beta for VMware vCloud Director 8.0 version. This is a major new release of vCloud Director and has lots of integration with new and important products to enable cloud providers deliver a true seamless cloud experience. I am now hearing people say, why would I want to test vCloud Director? Well, firstly if you are a service provider and are part of the vCloud Air Network, this will eventually become the latest version that you will be deploying. Secondly, it comes packed with cool features and integration with other VMware products. Just look at the list: vSphere 6.0 and NSX 6.1 compatibility Virtual Data Center (VDC) templates for self service enablement of OnDemand infrastructure vApp enhancements for better usability VM limits and throttling to drive better operation efficiency and minimize noisy neighbor issues in multi-tenant environments OAuth suport in authentication providers Better provisioning […]

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vCloud Director Transfer mount point (Spool Area)

This post is more for a reminder to myself. I am always forgetting where I need to mount the transfer LUN on vCloud Director cells. The transfer LUN is used for uploading and downloading, and can be NFS or other types of shared storage. It is only used for when you have more than one vCD cell. The location is /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/data/transfer If anyone is interested in reading more about what the transfer mount is used for Jason Boche wrote a great article on it.

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VMware vCloud Director 101 - Overview - Part 1

VMware vCloud Director 101 – Overview – Part 1

Quite a few people have been asking me to write this article for a while. vCloud Director has been around a while now, but it appears that it is only now gathering momentum and it is being looked at seriously. This multi-part article will cover all the basic concepts of vCloud Director and what the different terminology means. First of all, lets talk about what VMware vCloud Directors actual purpose is: A quote from the VMware vCloud Director page on VMware.com explains: Manage resources more efficiently by logically pooling infrastructure capacity into policy-based virtual datacenters.  VMware vCloud Director integrates with existing VMware vSphere deployments and extends capabilities like Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and vNetwork Distributed Switch, to provide elastic compute, storage and networking interfaces across multiple clusters. Using virtual datacenters built on top of vSphere, VMware vCloud Director enable resources to be provisioned without the need for repeated configuration or significant maintenance. The […]

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