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object storage what is it

Object Storage What is it?

During VMworld their was a lot of talk around the announcement of VMware vCloud Air Object Storage.  This is a major milestone for VMware’s Cloud Services offering, and provides a lot of capabilities customers have been asking for.  You can read the Tech Preview Blog Article here. However, since VMworld a lot of people have been asking me “Object Storage What is it? and why would I use it?”.  Not everyone has heard of Object Storage, let alone started consuming it, so I thought now would be a good opportunity to share with people what I have been using Object Storage for. I have been using Object Storage offerings for over 4 years now.  Ever since I discovered that my Iomega (now Lenovo) PX-4 could automatically backup to Amazon S3, I have been using it for a backup service. As always, when you want to know a description about something, […]

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Codespaces status

Codespaces is a reminder to us all, not just cloud consumers

How tragic, Codespaces.com is no longer a viable business.  This is tragic, and a massive shame.  It does serve as a critical reminder that security of our services and data is essential.  It is the most important piece of running any IT service. Personally, I find it very sad that we live in a world where this kind of thing can happen.  The note on codespaces.com website made me feel extremely sad and angry, but its the world we live in.  As an ex-business owner, this was always my biggest worry.  Someone trying to hold me or my business hostage, just for money.  Most people run businesses (especially small or medium businesses) for the passion of what they are doing, and money is a by-product of that passion.  To see this on the screen is extremely sad: However, it does prove to us all that security is key.  When I […]

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PHD Virtual Technologies release Virtual Backup v6.0

PHD Virtual Technologies recently released PHD Virtual Backup v6.0 at VMworld. This latest version builds on unique, patented virtual appliance architecture to deliver a powerful, feature-filled, easy to use backup solution for virtual servers at a fraction of the cost of competitive alternatives. Designed from the ground up as an exclusively virtual solution for the virtual environment, additional functionality in PHD Virtual Backup v6.0 includes: PHD Instant Recovery for VMware: Eliminate downtime and meet SLA’s Make any application available as quickly as possible in the event of a failure. PHD Instant Recovery gets you back up and running in less than 3 minutes. Full/Incremental Backup Mode: Optimized for Moving Data Offsite & to the Cloud Extending the flexibility of PHD Virtual Backup, full/incremental mode is ideal for organizations leveraging third party tools to copy backup files to the Cloud, or Tape, or those utilizing a hardware deduplication appliance or CIFS […]

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