How to add a new storage profile to an existing PvDC in vCloud Director 5.1

I got asked a question by @erikbussink today about whether you can add in newly created storage profile to an already existing Provider VDC (PvDC). I initially looked in the wrong area for this, and answered no! However after opening my eyes, I realised that it is actually possible and I should have realised straight away.

Before trying to add in a new profile, first make sure you have refreshed the storage profiles in vCloud Director by following my previous article.

To add a new profile follow the steps below:

  1. Login to vCloud Director
  2. Select Manage and Monitor
  3. Select Provider VDC
  4. Select Storage Profiles from the tab along the top
  5. Click the green + (plus) and you will be prompted with the add storage profile window
  6. Select the storage profile, click add and then ok
  7. You will then see the new storage profile assigned with a green tick showing you it is active
  8. You have now added the new storage profile

If you want to remove a storage profile from a PvDC, right click the profile, select disable.  Once disabled you have the option to remove the profile.

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