HowTo: Change Hostname of vShield Manager appliance

Quick how to on how to change the hostname of vShield manager appliance from the default. Some customers have asked how to do this to ensure that the appliance is in compliance with there naming convention.

  1. Login to the appliance
  2. en
  3. configure termial
  4. hostname [newhostname]
  5. copy running-config startup-config

Step 5 copies the running config to the startup config so it persists after a re-boot.

One Response to HowTo: Change Hostname of vShield Manager appliance

  1. Mario Grunert May 12, 2014 at 3:14 pm #

    On my vShield 5.1 it was necessary to leave the “configure terminal” context with “end” first before it allows the copy command. Would be nice to know how to reregister the vShield Appliance at vcenter again with the new name to get the certificate warnings away – mine is registered with his IP.

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