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VMware vCloud Director 101 - Networking - Part 4

VMware vCloud Director 101 – Networking – Part 4

This is part 4 of the vCloud Director 101 posts I have recently been writing.  This article covers the vCloud Director Networking concepts and how they fit together. You can read the previous posts by clicking here. To understand some of the terms contained within this post, you need to read the first post that discuses the terms “consumers” and “providers”.  We will be using these terms regularly throughout this article. vCloud Director network layers We will start by discussing the three different networking layers.  These are: External Networks Organization Networks vApp Networks These networks are managed at two different layers: Consumers and Providers. External Networks and Organization Networks are created and managed by the Cloud Admins or Providers, where as vApp Networks are created and managed by the users or consumers of vCloud Director. So what is an External Network? A Network that is external to VMware vCloud Director […]

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VMware vCloud Director 101 – Concepts – Part 2

VMware vCloud Director 101 – Concepts – Part 2

This is part 2 of the VMware vCloud Director 101 blog posts I am writing. In Part 1 I explained some of the basic principles of vCloud director, this can be read by clicking here. Within Part 2 and Part 3 we are going to discuss the concepts and constructs within vCloud Director. This will cover definitions you may already have heard of, like Virtual Data Centers (vDCs) or Allocation Models. Part 3 will discuss vCloud Director Allocation Models, and then Part 4 will talk about Networking Concepts. (These really do need articles all by themselves). What is a vCloud? vCloud Director itself does not constitute a vCloud. A vCloud is made up of a number of components including vCloud Director. I have written a number of articles in the past discussing the vCloud Eco-System and its components and how they fit together from a design and integration perspective. For the […]

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