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vCloud Director training – Backup Academy

Yesterday a vCloud Director training video I produced for Veeam’s Backup Academy was released.  It covers VMware vCloud Director and how it fits together.  This training presentation is based upon my vCloud Director 101 series of articles (found here). Veeam have a number of useful training presentations and videos on the Backup Academy site, and I highly recommend visiting to find further education material.  If you haven’t heard of Backup Academy before, this is how Rick Vanover explains it: Backup Academy’s goal is to help you become a virtual machine backup expert, so you can better meet the challenges of this changing environment. Backup Academy’s educational content is brought to you by renowned virtualization industry experts. I hope you enjoy this presentation and find it useful. Lastly I would like to thank Rick Vanover from Veeam for giving me the opportunity to produce this presentation.  Thanks Rick.

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vCloud vApp Design and Use Case – Part 2

This article is part 2 of my vCloud vApp design considerations and use cases definition.  Part 1 can be read by clicking here. In this article we will look at the logical design of vApp use cases.  I have spoke about these in the past in my vCloud Director Networking 101 post, but never really spoke about the specific use case. Use Case 1 – vApp Network Isolated This use case would primarily be used for development and test scenarios, where there is a requirement for vApps to be completely isolated.  In this scenario multiple vApps of the same configuration can be deployed without risk of conflict, since there is no external connectivity available and all network traffic within the vApp is isolated at Layer 2.   The characteristics of these vApps are: VMs are connected together on isolated vApp networks No connectivity between multiple vApps or to organization networks Same configuration can […]

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Some more vCloud Director 1.5 configuration maximums

This is a re-post from the official VMware vCloud blog: A question was asked yesterday regarding some of the configuration maximums that are currently not listed in the vSphere 5 configuration maximums document. Having discussed with vCloud Engineering and Product Management it has been confirmed that these numbers are used to provide the supported scale of vCloud Director and can be published to the wider community. The information listed will assist consultants and architects to better understand the supported scale when designing there public and private vCloud infrastructures. # of Console sessions (concurrent) 300 # of Console sessions (active) 100 # of Cells 10 # of Logical Networks 10156 # of vApp Networks 2987 # of External Networks 524 # of Isolated Org Networks 2264 # of Public Org Networks 2005 # of Routed Org Networks 2376 # of Network Pools 10 # of Catalogs 1024 # of Media 1024 […]

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BrownBag – vCloud Architecture Deep Dive Recording available

For those of you who missed mine and Chris Colotti’s brown bag hosted by last night the recordings are available on iTunes now. To download any of the previous BrownBags click here There is also videos, slides and links available on by clicking here BrownBag Video/Presentaion ProfessionalVMware Technical BrownBag – vCloud Architecture Deep Dive from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Slides vCloud Architecture BrownBag View more presentations from ProfessionalVMware Some links to follow up the session Sysprep KB’s: Maximums: VMware vCloud Director 1.5 & 5.1 Config Maximums vCloud Cloning series: Gotcha: vCloud Director Clone Wars Part 1 (Overview) vCloud Director Clone Wars Part 2 (Deep Dive) vCloud Director Clone Wars Part 3 (Design Considerations) vCloud “Eco-System” vCloud Ecosystem components explained (A bit older was my original cut at what Dave has now) vCat

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vCloud Director 1.5 New vShield features (Part 1)

vCloud Director 1.5 New vShield features (Part 1)

With VMware vCloud Director 1.5 the GUI now includes the ability to enable some new features which are included in the latest version with vShield 5.0.  I have listed the new features below and show the corresponding screen shots related to these features.  In part 2 of this article I will dive into each of these new features and how to configure them. New Features: Five-Tuple Firewall Site to Site VPN Static Routing

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