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vCloud Air ondemand early access program

Take part vCloud Air OnDemand early access program

Are you interested in taking part in the vCloud Air OnDemand early access program?  The vCloud Air product team is is now accepting candidates for the Early Access Program. The vCloud Air Early Access program offers: Free Service credits: Join the EAP now and receive up to $1000 in service credits 100% compatibility with your existing IT environment Create, resize, rename and delete data centers on the fly Instant access to compute resources – run vSphere workloads anywhere Per minute metering – Pay for only what you use Self service sign up – Service provisioned in minutes Follow this link to sign up for the Early Access Program: You can watch this short video that explains what the Early Access Program is all about. This is a really cool offer to get access to the vCloud Air OnDemand offering, which will give people a great opportunity to test vCloud Air […]

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vCloud Air Australia

VMware vCloud Air Australia – a new location

VMware has announced that vCloud Air will be expanding to Australia in 2015.  VMware vCloud Air Australia will offer local vSphere customers the ability to build and extend the hybrid cloud in the local geography.  Something they have been asking for for some time. VMware vCloud Air Australia Asia is a big market place for IT, and having cloud offerings in both Japan and Australia will provide flexible access for customers building their cloud strategy. You can read the official VMware announcement here: The Register has a great article on the announcement: For me personally working in the Cloud Services BU at VMware, this continues to show our commitment, dedication and drive to bring our customers the best integrated cloud platform. Its going to be an exciting 2015 with Germany, Australia, Japan, UK and all the US data centers online.  My Tech Marketing Lab is going to get extremely interesting […]

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VMware vCloud Air Microsoft Exchange

VMware vCloud Air Microsoft Exchange and SRM

Over the past few months I have been working on a number of scenarios for VMware vCloud Air and deploying Microsoft Exchange in a Hybrid Cloud design. I have written a couple of blog articles about the subject too. VMware vCloud Air Microsoft Exchange The first one was about how you would deploy Microsoft Exchange in a hybrid cloud and at a high level how you would do this. Read the article here. The second article, I wrote for VMware blogs, which discusses the business reasons behind why you would actually want too, and this article can be read here. At a high level these are: • Growth – Speed – Agility – Expansion – Fluidity • Leverage Existing Infrastructure – Backups – Archiving • Disaster Recovery – Build a highly resilient messaging solution • Operational efficiency – SLAs from cloud In the first article, I talk about why you […]

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object storage what is it

Object Storage What is it?

During VMworld their was a lot of talk around the announcement of VMware vCloud Air Object Storage.  This is a major milestone for VMware’s Cloud Services offering, and provides a lot of capabilities customers have been asking for.  You can read the Tech Preview Blog Article here. However, since VMworld a lot of people have been asking me “Object Storage What is it? and why would I use it?”.  Not everyone has heard of Object Storage, let alone started consuming it, so I thought now would be a good opportunity to share with people what I have been using Object Storage for. I have been using Object Storage offerings for over 4 years now.  Ever since I discovered that my Iomega (now Lenovo) PX-4 could automatically backup to Amazon S3, I have been using it for a backup service. As always, when you want to know a description about something, […]

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vCloud Air OnDemand Beta

VMware vCloud Air OnDemand Beta – Sign up now

At VMworld this week, VMware announced the Beta of the new VMware vCloud Air OnDemand offering. VMware vCloud Air OnDemand Beta VMware vCloud Air OnDemand is the new pay-as-you-go offering that will allow consumers to pay for what they use and simply charge it to their credit cards.  This model provides a very simple and effective way to spin up new workloads and applications quickly and easily, without the need to raise purchase orders. The beta is open to anyone to register, and then people will be selected based on qualification and notified. You can read more about the press release on VMware vCloud Air OnDemand beta here Sign up now! To sign up for the beta follow this link:

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